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kiln builder
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For more than 20 years I have been building and firing wood fired kilns with Roger Bauman in Peekskill NY.  I use wood fire kilns because of the unique quality of the pieces they produce.  My current kiln is a modified Anagama style wood kiln.  I designed it based on kilns that I have built and fired in Japan.  The kiln has two chambers.  The first chamber is similar to the traditional Anagama kilns of Tokoname, Japan.   This chamber is used for unglazed work.  I added a second chamber to give us more flexibility in firing glazed pieces.  We fire for 3-5 days.  Most of that time is spent stoking in the first chamber to build up ash deposits on the unglazed work.

This kiln produces a wide range of colors and textures.  Each piece is a unique record of the firing. 

We fire 4 or 5 times a year. We do fire the work of other artists. People can bring their work and we will fire it. People are also welcome to be present for the firing helping with the stoking shifts.

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