Jeffrey E. Jewell


100 St. Mark’s Place,  Apt. #4    New York, NY 10009    (212) 475-2805


Teaching Experience


SUNY Westchester Community College / Westchester Art Workshop

            Adjunct Instructor; Ceramics 2008-present

Urban Glass

                  Instructor; Glass blowing 2005-present

      Scanlan Glass

                  Instructor; Glass blowing 2006-present

Bodanna Studio, New York

                  Ceramics Instructor 2006-2007

      Nagoya University of Arts, Nishiharu Campus, Japan/ Long Island University, Brooklyn

Developed an Agreement of Academic Cooperation to exchange students for credit transfer, auditing and language study.   Implemented 2005

Fieldston School, New York

                  Ceramics/ Art Teacher    2001-2004

Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY

                  Assistant Professor/ Visiting Artist    1997-present

CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Adjunct Instructor    1992- 2001

                  Adjunct Instructor    1984-87 

Hofstra University, NY

                  Adjunct Instructor    1997

Nassau Community College, NY

                  Adjunct Instructor    1996

Mudflat Studio School, Somerville MA

                  Instructor: Advanced Throwing Classes   1988-90

                  Open Access Technical Classes    1990

Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

                  Instructor: Ceramics Courses in Graduate Program in Studio Art and Education    1982-86

                         Workshops on Wood firing/ Salt Glazing    1984-85

                         Workshops on Glaze Formulation for School Programs    1984

                  Instructor/ Designer: “Kiln Building for Urban Potters” 1982

                  Master Potter in Residence    1980-86


 Related Experience

Kiln Design and Construction

                  Anagama Kiln with Second Glaze Chamber, Peekskill, NY    2005

                  Anagama kiln designed by Shiho Kanzaki, Shigaraki Japan    2002

                  Anagama kiln designed by Isobe Akira, Tokoname, Japan    2000

Catinary Arch Wood fire Kiln, Peekskill NY    1996

2 Chamber Wood Fire Kiln, Peekskill NY    1984

Down Draft Swing Door Gas Kiln with Test Chamber, Teachers College, NY    1982

Up Draft Swing Door Propane Kiln, Bucks Rock Camp, CT    1982

Beehive Wood Fire/ Salt Kiln, Peekskill, NY    1982

Down-Draft Gas kiln, New York, NY    1980


      Fireman, 3-person team, 7 day wood firings of Peter Voulkos’ Platters and Sculptures in Peter    
Callas’ 400 Cubic foot Anagama kiln, Piermont, NY    1983-90


      Consultant, The National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival.  Angkor, Cambodia   Consultant for         
the re-creation and construction of an ancient traditional Khmer Wood Fire Kiln 2007/ 2008


Facilities Director, Mudflat Studio School, Somerville, MA    1989-90


      Studio Manager, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY    1980-86


Expertise in Ceramics, Glass Blowing, Woodworking, Metalworking, and Mold Making



      Teachers College, Columbia University, NY

                  M.A. with Honors    1983     Major: Art and Education

      Columbia College, Columbia University, NY

                  B.A. with Honors    1982

      Clayworks Pottery, Edmonds, WA

                  Apprentice to Bowen Dixon, Production Potter    1974-78



      Artist in Residence at Tuilerie de Pouligny, Pouligny France   2009

                  Assist in the construction of a new Anagama kiln as well as create a body of work for the first firing of  the new kiln and their other wood fire kilns.  An exhibition will follow the residency

      Recipient of  “Salute to Scholars” Award, City University of New York   2000

“In honor of outstanding scholarly achievements and contributions to the creation and 
transmittal of Knowledge.”

      Japan Foundation Artist Fellowship Award    2000

Six-month grant commencing June 2000 to work with Master Potter Isobe Akira in  Tokoname, Japan. This grant is awarded to 3 artists from the United States each year chosen  from all of the art disciplines.

      International Workshop for Ceramic Arts in Tokoname    1999

Invited Participant at a six-week Workshop with 17 Potters from 9 different countries to share
Techniques and Work with the Master Potters of Tokoname, Japan



      “Japanese Threads” an exhibition in conjunction with NCECA 2008,  Morgan Gallery Pittsburgh PA 2008

      “Artists of Urban Glass” Brooklyn New York 2007

      “Glass Works” Verdigris Art & Tea Hudson New York 2007

“Holding Tea” Verdigris Art & Tea Hudson New York 2006

      Isomara Gallery, Tokoname, Japan    2003

      Solo Exhibition, Onomachi, Japan    2001

      Permanent Collection, International Workshop for Ceramic Arts, Tokoname, Japan

      Gallery Kyouei-Gama, Tokoname, Japan    2000-Present

      Cera Gallery, Tokoname, Japan    1999

      Tokoname Yakimono Matsuri (ceramics festival) 1999,2000,2002,2003,2005

      Salina Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 1996

      Empty Bowls, Cucina, Brooklyn, NY    1996

      Kingsborough Community College, Faculty Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY    1984-87, 1992-99

      Mudflat Studio, Members Exhibitions, Somerville MA    1989-90

      New York State New Clay talent, Clayworks Gallery, New York, NY    1985

      Lincoln Center Crafts Show, New York, NY    1985-87

      Somers Gallery, Somers, NY    1986

      American Craft Traditions, San Francisco International Airport    1984

      Rhinebeck 84, Rhinebeck, NY    1984

      T.C. Potters, Castle Gallery, College of New Rochelle, NY    1982

      Wood Fire Conference Exhibition, Peter’s Valley, NJ    1981

      WBAI Crafts Show, New York, NY, 1980-86



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